For Individuals 

Individual Therapy

  • An integrative and collaborative approach to help individuals of all ages to develop a plan to focus on specific goals and increase their quality of life.
  • Therapy modalities include: traditional talk therapy, creative art therapy, and experiential play therapy.

Couples Counseling

  • Offered to all couples, traditional and nontraditional.
  • Counseling focuses on conflict resolution, intimacy, compatibility.

Family Counseling

  • A collaborative process that may involve multiple members of a family system.
  • Focuses may include behavioral issues in children, blending of families, and separation of families.

*All Therapy Sessions $110 per 45-50 minute session

For Doctors

Assist with Brain Related Diagnosis

  • Provide testing and diagnosis for physical brain injuries such as concussion and TBI.
  • Diagnosis of chemical related cognitive impairments.
  • Identification of dementia related disorders.
  • Plan and manage patient care and identify treatment needs.

Assessment of Level of Functioning

  • Attain baseline scores against which to compare later functioning.
  • Evaluate treatment efficacy (e.g. the efficacy of medication on memory functions).

Mental Health Diagnostic Testing

  • Differential diagnostic testing for mental disorders.
  • Assistance with collaborative treatment planning.

For Students/Parents

Intelligence and Achievement Testing

  • Determine a student's overall cognitive and aptitude levels.
  • Establish present levels of performance in order to measure long-term performance.

Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities

  • Assessment based testing to identify and discriminate between potential learning disabilities.

Recommendation of Classroom Accommodations

  • Objectively evaluating a student against stated criteria to assess if specific accommodations are needed.
  • Provide a report and resources to the client to be used to requested additional accommodations.

Services Provided.

For Attorneys

Assessments for 3rd Party Claims

  • To assess whether a person has sustained a brain injury and if so, the extent of it.
  • To assess the likelihood of the injury being causally related to a third party's actions or neglect.
  • Assessment of the patient's future care needs and chances of continuing with the same lifestyle and career.
  • Assessment of malingering included.

Cognitive Screening and Assessment

  • To save costs, a screening can be done to determine whether or not a person has sustained brain injury without a full assessment and medico-legal report.
  • If there is evidence of brain injury, the attorney may then give further instructions for a full assessment and report.

Parental Responsibility Examinations (PRE)

  • A PRE is a specialized psychological evaluation that is typically used in higher-conflict custody cases, or where there are multiple issues which need investigating.
  • Can be used to assess the capacity of a parent to parent their children.